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EVLA Radio Continuum Imaging of Nearby Dwarf Galaxies
Bernstein-Cooper, Elijah ( Macalester College ); Cannon, J. M. ( Macalester College ); Chomiuk, L. ( Harvard, NRAO ); Kepley, A. ( University of Virginia ); Wilcots, E. ( University of Wisconsin - Madison ) show affiliations
American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #219, id.244.02
Published in Jan 2012
We present preliminary EVLA/WIDAR snapshot L-band radio continuum imaging of four nearby dwarf galaxies: NGC 2366, NGC 783, WLM, and Pegasus. We exploit the 1 GHz bandwidth of these observations to create images of the sources in multiple 120 Mhz wide spectral windows. The radio continua of NGC 2366 and NGC 784 are compared with multiwavelength images (including GALEX near UV, continuum subtracted H alpha, and Spitzer FIR) to probe the nature of thermal and nonthermal emission on a spatially resolved basis. These data are the first results from a larger and more comprehensive study of the radio continua of nearby star-forming dwarf galaxies with the EVLA.
(c) 2012: American Astronomical Society