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An HI and Optical Study of Interacting Galaxies NGC 672 and IC 1727
Stanchfield, Sara ( UW Madison ); Wilcots, E. ( UW Madison ); Prescott, M. ( UC Santa Barbara ) show affiliations
American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #220, id.524.19
Published in May 2012
We present VLA HI radio data and WIYN broadband optical observations of NGC 672 and IC 1727, two nearby, late-type, spiral galaxies. In the optical NGC 672 appears as a symmetric barred spiral with defined spiral arms and a scale length of 1.2 kpc. IC 1727 is asymmetric, lacks a true bar, and has a scale length of 2. 4 kpc. In the HI, we see tidal bridge, indicating interaction between the two galaxies. We map the distribution and kinematics of the neutral hydrogen gas in order to understand the nature of the true distribution of mass in these systems and present the resulting mass models.
(c) 2012: American Astronomical Society