Early commissioning results from the SALT RSS spectropolarimeter
Nordsieck, Kenneth ( Department of Astronomy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 475 N. Charter Street, Madison WI 53706-1582, USA ) show affiliations
STELLAR POLARIMETRY: FROM BIRTH TO DEATH. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1429, pp. 248-251 (2012).
Published in May 2012
The Robert Stobie Spectrograph is currently the prime spectroscopic instrument on the 11m Southern African Large Telescope (SALT), which is now in commissioning. The current visible beam of RSS was designed with spectropolarimetric versions of all its modes, imaging, grating spectroscopy (with Multi Object Spectroscopy capability) from 3200 to 9000 A˚, and Fabry-Perot Spectroscopy from 4300 to 9000 A˚, with spectral resolution up to R = 10000. The polarimetric field of view is 4×8 arcmin. The instrument was designed with an upgrade path leading to a simultaneous Near InfraRed beam (out to 1.7µm), now in development, which will duplicate the spectropolarimetric modes in the NIR. We describe results from early polarimetric commissioning of the visible beam.
(c) 2012: American Institute of Physics
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