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Evolution of Lya Emitting Galaxies: Insights From a Flux-Limited GALEX Sample at 1
Wold, Isak ( University of Wisconsin Madison ) show affiliations
American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #221, id.227.02
Published in Jan 2013
Lya emission is a primary tool for studying the highest redshift galaxies, making the study of Lya emitters (LAEs) a very active field for objects at z〉2. Recently, GALEX FUV grism data have enabled the properties of 0.3 LAEs to be studied in detail. Bridging the gap between these low and high-redshift studies, we have obtained a large, flux-limited sample of LAEs at 1 using a novel three-dimensional (two spatial axes and one wavelength axis) data cube search method that we developed for GALEX NUV grism data. Eliminating UV, X-ray, and optically identified active galactic nuclei from the sample, I compute the 1 Lya luminosity function and show the dramatic evolution seen in this population. I also discuss our efforts to learn more about the properties of these galaxies, which appear to be in the early stages of formation.
(c) 2013: American Astronomical Society