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Mapping the Extended Tail of the Magellanic Stream
Nidever, David L. ( University of Michigan ); Majewski, S. R. ( University of Virginia ); Burton, W. ( National Radio Astronomy Observatory ); Nigra, L. ( Adler Planetarium ); Besla, G. ( Columbia University ); Ott, J. ( National Radio Astronomy Observatory ); Stanimirovic, S. ( University of Wisconsin ); Putman, M. E. ( Columbia University ); Agertz, O. ( Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics ) show affiliations
American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #221, id.404.04
Published in Jan 2013
For three decades the Magellanic Stream (MS) has been known as a 100-deg long stream trailing the Magellanic Clouds. Recently, Nidever et al. (2010) used a combination of HI datasets to show that the MS is at least ~140 deg long. A longer MS has important implications for the age of the Stream and mechanisms for its formation. Over the last two years we have conducted a large and deep HI survey on the 100-m Green Bank Telescope to map the MS to even larger angular distances. I will present first results from this survey and show that the MS is another 20-25 deg longer than previously thought, making it at least 160 deg long and extending above the MW diskplane. In addition, I will describe our efforts to use the length of the MS, in combination with orbital models, to constrain the mass of the Milky Way.
(c) 2013: American Astronomical Society