High-Velocity Outflows from Eddington-Limited Starbursts
Diamond-Stanic, Aleksandar M. ( University of California, San Diego ); Moustakas, J. ( Siena College ); Tremonti, C. A. ( University of Wisconsin ); Coil, A. L. ( University of California, San Diego ); Hickox, R. C. ( Dartmouth College ); Sell, P. ( University of Wisconsin ); Robaina, A. ( University of Barcelona, Spain ); Rudnick, G. ( University of Kansas ); Geach, J. ( McGill University, Canada ); Canalizo, G. ( University of California, Riverside ) show affiliations
American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #221, id.418.04
Published in Jan 2013
We present results on high-velocity, galactic-scale outflows associated with compact starbursts. These galaxies have star-formation rate surface densities approaching the Eddington limit from radiation pressure on dust grains. We argue that ejective feedback from massive stars and supernovae is capable of producing the 〉1000 km/s outflows we observe. These results have important implications for how star formation feedback regulates the cold gas supply in galaxies.
(c) 2013: American Astronomical Society