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A New Eclipsing Binary Discovered in a Crowded Star Field
Larson, Jessica A. ( Brigham Young University ); Ranquist, E. ( Brigham Young University ); Hernandez, A. ( Brigham Young University ); Stoker, E. ( Brigham Young University ); Gaillard, C. ( Brigham Young University ) show affiliations
American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #222, id.115.09
Published in Jun 2013
Using the 0.9 meter telescope on West Mountain to follow-up possible transiting planets with ground based photometry, we discovered a previously unknown eclipsing binary system. This eclipsing binary is located in a crowded star field and so could not be reduced using photometry. In order to figure out which object in our field of view is the eclipsing binary, we learned how to use DAO phot. By using DAO phot we hope to be able to learn more about the individual stars that make up the binary system and their parameters.
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