A Study of HII regions and Star Formation in the Far Outer Galaxy
Rho, Jeonghee ( SETI Institute and NASA Ames Research Center ); Zinnecker, H. ( DSI/SOFIA Science Center ); Whitney, B. ( U. of Wisconsin ) show affiliations
American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #222, #313.08
Published in Jun 2013
Is there a star formation "edge" to the Galaxy, where stars are no longer capable of forming? Are the star formation rates and initial mass functions different in the Outer Galaxy, where the metallicity, gravitational potential, and interstellar pressure are lower? To answer such fundamental questions of Galactic astrophysics, we present a study of HII regions and associated young stellar objects (YSOs) located in the Far Outer Galaxy. We used GLIMPSE360 IRAC and WISE observations with which the high angular resolution images are ideal to identify star formation activities by separating individual, bright HII regions and YSOs. We also investigate radiative transfer models applied to the spectral energy distributions of YSOs, and the properties of clouds associated with HII regions and star formation using existing high resolution CO and H I data.
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