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The Mid-Infrared View of Star Formation Regions in the Outer Galaxy
Sewilo, Marta M. ( The Johns Hopkins University; Space Science Institute ); Whitney, B. ( University of Wisconsin - Madison; Space Science Institute ); Meade, M. ( University of Wisconsin - Madison ); Babler, B. L. ( University of Wisconsin - Madison ); Churchwell, E. B. ( University of Wisconsin - Madison ); Benjamin, R. A. ( University of Wisconsin - Whitewater ) show affiliations
American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #222, id.313.09
Published in Jun 2013
Based on the 3.6 and 4.5 micron images from the Spitzer GLIMPSE360 survey, combined with the WISE 12 micron image, we identified a sample of star formation regions in the outer Galaxy. We study their correlation with the CO clouds from "The Outer Galaxy Molecular Cloud Catalog" (Brunt et al. 2003; based on the FCRAO survey), as well as with known H II regions and masers. We investigate the CO and mid-IR properties as a function of distance and the association with various dynamical features in the Galaxy.
(c) 2013: American Astronomical Society