Welcome to ADS Labs!

The ADS team is working hard on updating its services and interfaces to better support our community's research needs. ADS Labs is a modern web platform built on the old tried-and-true ADS Abstract Databases, so all of ADS's content is available through it. ADS Labs currently features a single powerful interface that allows you to search, explore and visualize the contents of its 10 million bibliographic records and its 2.7 million full-text documents. We really think you should try it!

One-click search for all abstracts and full-text content in one single page

Some of the new features you will find include: new ranking options and support for advanced searches; filtering of results based on a variety of criteria; interactive visualizations of paper and author networks; recommendations; and impact evaluation via bibliometric summaries.

We are still in the process of tweaking our search engine, updating the underlying citation data, implementing new functionality, and fixing bugs, but we believe the system is mature enough to be useful to the general public. Please give it a try and send us feedback!

Please note that some of the features we are integrating in ADS Labs can also be accessed from a separate page. These include the metrics service, the citation helper, and the author-affiliation service. You may also be interested in keeping up with the ADS article of the day featured in our Facebook page.

The older “streamlined search” interface in ADS Labs is still available for the time being, but its use is now deprecated.